Sharpham Ticklemore Goat

First made by Robin Congdon in the mid 1980s, Ticklemore Goat is known across the World and takes its name from a street in nearby Totnes made famous by its cheese shop. Goats' milk from three local farms gives it a stark white colour and firm flinty texture, with a mellow yet complex flavour featuring hints of lemon and herbs. Ticklemore is sublime when melted in cooking, perfect when crumbled into a salad and beautiful served on its own or with fresh figs.

Milk Variety
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Cheese Making
The Ticklemore is a very attractive cheese and lovely to work with in the dairy. The shape and surface patterns from the moulds are unique. The freshly made cheese is drained in the cheese moulds for 48 hours, then hand salted and moved to a cool maturing room. Here it is turned regularly and the white bloomy rind is rubbed by hand weekly, thus forming the thin natural rind of the cheese. After 3-4 weeks the cheese is wrapped and ready for dispatch.

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