Harvest 2018 has begun!

Yesterday (06/09/18) we started harvest in our vineyard and begun picking the first few block of Madeleine Angevine. The unusually hot and dry summer has seen sections of our vineyard ripen at a much quicker rate than usual so we have made the call to being picking. Usually we aim to harvest at the end of september so that shows how early it really is!

Madeleine Angevine is our early ripening variety that produced delicate but full flavoured white wines and picking earlier this year is vital as we must ensure we retain some of its fresh and characterful acidity and not over ripening the fruit.

We have called on our team of trusty pickers to help pick whilst conditions are good and before any rain as any extra moisture can plump up the grapes and essentially dilute the flavour.

It’s a great time of the year to come and visit us and see it happening all the way from the picking through to some of the early wine making processes.