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Sandridge Barton vineyard sits in a south facing bowl on the edge of the River Dart, the perfect terroir for growing grapes and thanks to a limestone ridge, is adding a hint of Burgundy to the production of our fine quality English wines.

Sandridge Barton Wines may appear to be a new face on the rapidly expanding UK wine scene, but our Devon based vineyard and winery has four decades of history and wine making knowledge and experience.  The name Sandridge Barton marks a new era for the celebrated Dart Valley winery, Sharpham Wine, which has literally moved lock, stock, and barrel (in fact, quite a few barrels) across the river Dart to our new state of the art winery, visitor center café, nestled in a small valley adjacent to the 32acre Sandridge Barton vineyard which has been producing grapes for Sharpham Wine for over a decade.

“Despite the new name Sandridge Barton we are still the home of Sharpham Wine,” says Duncan Schwab, the CEO and Head Winemaker. “We have taken the whole crew over across the river, we grow the same grapes, operate the same machinery and we are very much in the same tradition of making wine from the Dart Valley but with some brand-new equipment and with some exciting developments. Limestone is the soil of Burgundy and rather excitingly, we have a limestone ridge in the Sandridge Barton vineyard. New plantings this year will mean we can be the UK’s answer to Burgundy and add a flavour of that region to our range of fine quality English wines.”

This level of ambition comes naturally from our team that have already picked up multiple high-profile wine awards including, in 2020, Gold Medals for their Pinot Noir and Bacchus at the prestigious Wine GB Awards and best UK Traditional Method Sparkling Wine for the Sparkling Pink 2016 at the Bollicini del Mondo.

“Along with the longer ripening season, we have very iron-rich soil in the Devon region, with quite a bit of volcanic soil which imparts amazing flavours into the wine”, explains Duncan. “We grow the very best grapes suited to the terroir and treat them kindly and gently to extract the best fruit flavours. Our wines are particularly well known throughout the South West and the move to our new home gives us the opportunity to expand our production and reach to the rest of the UK and Internationally, putting English wine firmly on the New World Wine map.”

Our team already produces both natural and vegan wines, but this new stage means that we can implement even more eco-friendly methods. “It is something we have been meaning to do for a while and now we are able to do so in terms of being more environmentally conscious in growing the grapes and increasing the bio-diversity in our vines whilst still producing quality English wines in the most sustainable way” says Duncan.

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